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Monday, 22 January 2018
Property Collections

Bentley Attorneys, being a specialist debt collection firm, has within that a defined and professional property collections department which deals with sectional title levies collection and rental collections.
Our collections infrastructure ensures that our clients receive:

  • regular detailed monthly reports
  • efficiency and professionalism in the handling of their matters
  • priority service in collections, not a just a Cinderella department
  • results measured by money collected not legal stages reached
  • innovative legal methods in its collections arsenal
  • assistance in securing debts
  • resources to do online investigations of debtors to optimise collection results

Sectional Title Levy Collections
Levies are without doubt the foremost concern of any Body Corporate.
Without the perpetual income of levies it becomes increasingly difficult for a Body Corporate to function effectively and can ultimately result in a situation where :

  • services to the property may be terminated;
  • insurance premiums will not be paid;
  • maintenance costs may not be met;
  • unreasonable increase in general levies are enforced to stay financially afloat;
  • the value of the property or investment decreases significantly as it deteriorates.

We strive to ensure that all outstanding levies, interest, penalties and legal costs are recovered efficiently.  Our client’s can be further assured that our interactive approach will always keep them abreast of proceedings and engaged in all decision making.
A fast, effective and dynamic collection of outstanding levies in terms of the Sectional Titles Act ensures that the Body Corporate remains financially sound and administratively efficient.
Contact us and we can discuss our extremely cost effective collection package we offer Sectional Title Body Corporates.

Rental Collections
We act for property management companies, developers and owners in their rental collections in areas of :

  • Retail property collections
  • Commercial property collections

Here we are able to guide a client through the intricacy of the laws of landlord and tenant, advise on issues surround landlord hypothec and ensure that securities are in place with tenant that are have limited liability.




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