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Monday, 22 January 2018
Commercial Debt Collections

When dealing with commercial debt collections (business to business collections) the values of the debts involved are usually a lot larger then private debtors and you are largely dealing with companies and other forms of entities with limited liability which can inhibit debt recovery. This requires resources and approaches become simply issuing a summons.

commer_colWe have a commercial debt recovery department that offers its clients:

  • regular detailed monthly reports
  • efficiency and professionalism in the handling of their matters
  • priority service in collections, not a just a Cinderella department
  • in depth knowledge and expertise in credit law and insolvency law
  • results measured by money collected not legal stages reached
  • innovative legal methods in its collections arsenal
  • assistance in securing debts
  • resources to do online investigations of debtors to optimise collection results
  • the services of forensic investigators to assist in recovery

Contact Brett Bentley to see how we can assist your company with its collections.



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