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Monday, 22 January 2018
Credit Law Compliance

Bentley Attorneys are one of the few legal firms in South Africa who are specialists in the law relating to credit in this country.

While the introduction of the National Credit Act was primarily aimed at consumer debtors, the impact of the NCA flows over into commercial credit and commercial credit providers have to ensure that the manner which they grant credit does not unintentionally make them “full blown” credit providers in terms of the NCA. Other issues such as the use of credit bureaux and the changing of interest are all issues that require the commercial credit providers compliance with the NCA.

In addition there is the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act which, will have an impact not only on consumer credit providers but also on commercial credit providers.

The aim of this service is to analysis your credit granting documentation, practice and procedures then advise you on the best method of legal compliance with the credit laws of South Africa.





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